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Autonomist Marxism in Eastern Europe

Nikolay Karkov (State University of New York at Cortland)

Contradictions: A Journal for Critical Thought III, no. 2 (2019): 79–107

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Keywords: Autonomist Marxism, translation, semantics, post-socialism, anarchism, ontology

This text is a reflection on the production and reception of the first-of-its-kind anthology of autonomist Marxist texts in Bulgaria, published in 2013. After a brief examination of the anthology’s content, the text focuses on four major “problems of translation” that significantly overdetermined the book’s reception and circulation: what the author calls the problems of semantics, history, politics, and ontology. The article concludes that autonomist Marxism might have a unique role to play in radical conversations in the country and identifies the “work of translation” as a key ingredient in expanding the coalitional possibilities of the left in Eastern Europe. 

doi: 10.46957/con.2019.2.5

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