Contradictions: A Journal for Critical Thought

Contradictions assesses and creatively revives radical intellectual traditions of Central and Eastern Europe, bringing them to bear on the historical present and bringing them into international discussions of emancipatory social change.

Skirting the disciplinary boundaries of political philosophy, social theory, and cultural analysis, we publish scholarly studies, theoretical essays, interviews, reviews, and annotated archival materials on the following themes:

1) underexamined or overlooked aspects of the history of radical left thought in Central and Eastern Europe (with attention both to historical significance and contemporary relevance);

2) related and parallel traditions of thought originating in other regions, which can be brought into conversation with the traditions of Central and Eastern Europe (taking into consideration questions of centrality and marginality or “Easternness” as questions of global concern);

3) the analysis of Soviet-type societies and their troubled relationship with historical and contemporary movements for social emancipation; and

4) the ideological assumptions and social conditions of what has come to be known as “post-communism.”

With these thematic problems in mind, we provide a place for original contributions to critical social theory that arise out of critical engagement with the complicated legacy of Central and Eastern European thought in its global context.

Contradictions is published once a year as a double issue in multilingual format, with one part in English and one part in Czech and Slovak. Submissions are welcome in any of these three languages (English, Czech, or Slovak).

Available for order from our publisher Filosofia; content of back issues online and archived in the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


editorial collective

Kristina Andělová (Institute for Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences), Miloš Caňko (independent scholar), Joseph Grim Feinberg (Philosophy Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), Michael Hauser (Charles University Faculty of Education), Ľubica Kobová (Charles University Faculty of Humanities), Petr Kužel (Philosophy Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), Ivan Landa (Philosophy Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), Jan Mervart (Philosophy Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), Jakub Ort (Charles University Faculty of Arts), Jiří Růžička (Philosophy Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences), Pavel Siostrzonek (independent scholar), Šimon Svěrák (Charles University Faculty of Education), Dan Swain (Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague), Monika Woźniak (Philosophy Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences; University of Warsaw Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology)


international advisory board

John Abromeit (Buffalo State University), Oliver Belcher (Durham University), Jana Beránková (Columbia University), Katarzyna Bielińska-Kowalewska (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw), Wojciech Burszta (1957-2021, in memoriam), Maria Chehonadskih (Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London), Barbora Černušáková (University of Manchester), Ľubomír Dunaj (University of Vienna), Elżbieta Durys (University of Łódź), Ingo Elbe (Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg), Juraj Halas (Comenius University, Bratislava), Adela Hincu (Alexandru Dragomir Institue of Philosophy, Bucharest), Peter Hudis (Oakton Community College), Michael Löwy (CNRS, France), Moishe Postone (1942-2018, in memoriam), Nick Nesbitt (Princeton University), Petr Steiner (University of Pennsylvania), Michał Rauszer (University of Warsaw), Richard Sťahel (Institute of Philosophy, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava), Karolina Szymaniak (Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw; University of Wrocław), G. M. Tamás (1948-2023, in memoriam), Francesco Tava (UWE, Bristol, UK), Zhivka Valiavicharska (Pratt Institute, New York), Xinruo Zhang (Shanghai)


English copyediting and proofreading Greg Evans, Scott Alexander Jones, Darren Crown

Czech copyediting and proofreading Pavla Toráčová

Slovak copyediting and proofreading Silvia Ruppeldtová

Typesetting Martin Pokorný

Graphic design Markéta Jelenová

Web design Karel Klouda, Tomáš Lenikus

Finances Jana Mašková


Order through our publisher Filosofia; back issues available from our web archive.

ISSN 2570-7485

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