New issues of Contradictions (VII/1,2; 2023) have just been published!

The content of the first (Czech) issue of "Anarchistické inspirace" can be found here. The contents of the second (English) issue "Central and Eastern European Anarchisms" can be found here.


Inquiry: Anarchists and the War in Ukraine 

For our issue “Anarchism in Central and Eastern Europe”, we approached several active anarchists, theorists, and academic experts on anarchism, as well as anarchist collectives, with questions about one of the most burning and controversial topics in contemporary anarchism – the anti-authoritarian movements’ relationship to the war in Ukraine. The result is an inquiry that, while not representing all variants and offshoots of the anarchist movement, presents a diverse range of positions on this issue.

The inquiry will also be published in printed form in the second (English) issue of Contradictions 7/2023.


Contradictions: A Journal for Critical Thought

Contradictions assesses and creatively revives radical intellectual traditions of Central and Eastern Europe, bringing them to bear on the historical present and bringing them into international discussions of emancipatory social change.

Contradictions is published in two issues a year, one in English and one in Czech and Slovak. Submissions are welcome in any of these three languages (English, Czech, or Slovak).

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