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Climate change presents an existential challenge to human existence. The need to do something is widely accepted, but capital accumulation rumbles on inexorably, even turning crises into new opportunities for extraction and valorisation. The choice between revolutionary transformation and common ruin has never been starker. This ecological crisis forces us to reconsider the socialist legacy in regard to nature, including the ambiguous attitude towards nature in East-European Marxism. This attitude, although marked by belief in the primacy of productive forces and the Promethean idea of conquering nature, involved also some voices of dissent and suggestions of alternative paths towards a socialist future. In this volume of Contradictions, we explore this complicated legacy, its historical context, and its ramifications for theory and practice today.


To be published fall 2022.

Contradictions: A Journal for Critical Thought

Contradictions assesses and creatively revives radical intellectual traditions of Central and Eastern Europe, bringing them to bear on the historical present and bringing them into international discussions of emancipatory social change.

Contradictions is published once a year as a double issue in multilingual format, with one part in English and one part in Czech and Slovak. Submissions are welcome in any of these three languages (English, Czech, or Slovak).

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