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Nežít s bombou, ale s rozumem. Právní filosofie Reného Marcice a marxistický humanismus Ernsta Fischera jako konfrontace dvou perspektiv občanské společnosti na pozadí éry rakouského kancléře Josefa Klause (1964–1970)

Ondřej Holub (University of Hradec Králové)

Contradictions: A Journal for Critical Thought III, no. 1 (2019): 13–35

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Keywords: René Marcic, Ernst Fischer, civil society, Marxist humanism, Austrian Communist Party

My study aims to conduct a comparative analysis of two theorists in what were probably the most formative years of postwar Austrian history, the era of the conservative government of Josef Klaus. Specifically, I compare the conservative philosophy of right of Austrian philosopher of Croatian origin René Marcic and the Marxist humanism of Ernst Fischer. In doing so, it is my intention to describe the ideological foundations and intellectual horizons of Josef Klaus’s right-wing government and, at the same time, to discuss how this policy was confronted by Ernst Fischer from the left. A further purpose of my study is to inquire into the intellectual foundations that laid the ground for Austrian civil society, and to ask how these foundations were confronted by the Austrian Communist Party’s chief ideologist, Ernst Fischer.

doi: 10.46957/con.2019.1.2

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