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Buddhism, Marxism, and the Philosophy of Egon Bondy

Jiří Holba (Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Kontradikce. Časopis pro kritické myšlení III, č. 2 (2019): 45–78

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Keywords: Egon Bondy, Buddhist Philosophy, Nonsubstantial Ontology, the Buddha, Buddhism, Nāgārjuna, Emptiness, Karman, Marxism, Critical Theory

This article discusses the thought of the Czech Marxist philosopher, writer, and poet Egon Bondy (1930–2007) and his dialectical interpretation of Buddhist philosophy, which strongly influenced Bondy’s “nonsubstantial ontology” with its teaching about the Emptiness (śūnyatā) of all entities, the central concept in the philosophy of the Buddhist monk Nāgārjuna (ca. 150–250 AD). The second, shorter part of the article outlines recent developments in the field of philosophy inspired by Marxism and Buddhism.

doi: 10.46957/con.2019.2.4

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