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Kaliban a čarodějnice, Původní akumulace kapitálu a proměny genderových vztahů

Michaela Pokutová

Kontradikce. Časopis pro kritické myšlení IV, č. 1 (2020): 37–59

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Keywords: Silvia Federici, primitive accumulation, Marxist feminism, sexual division of labour, degradation of women

The article presents the Marxist feminist perspective on primitive accumulation and early capitalist history put forward by Silvia Federici in her work Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body, and Primitive Accumulation. According to Federici and other Marxist feminists, Marx’s description of the origins of capitalism lacks an important distinction. Whereas in Capital the main focus is placed on the male, waged proletariat, Federici focuses more on the changes in gender relations and status of women that accompany the process of primitive accumulation. The article first situates the origins of feminist perspectives on primitive accumulation in their historical context and links them with their preceding debates. The following sections then present a comparison of Marx’s and Federici’s account of primitive accumulation and the early history of capitalism. The article focuses on the forms of primitive accumulation that are absent in Capital. These forms include, above all, a new division of labour, the subjugation of reproduction to the needs of capital, and the economic, legal, cultural, and symbolic degradation of women.

doi: 10.46957/con.2020.1.3

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