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Politika a fonocentrismus. Nad Rancièrovým textem "Politika fikce"

Josef Fulka (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Kontradikce. Časopis pro kritické myšlení III, č. 1 (2019): 95–101

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Keywords: Jacques Rancière, literary theory, phonocentrism

The present text is a reflection on Jacques Rancière’s lecture “The Politics of Fiction,” given in Prague February 7, 2018, the text of which appears in a Czech translation by Josef Fulka in this issue of Contradictions. Fulka briefly summarizes Rancière’s approach towards the literary text as a potential tool of emancipation and points out several questions to which Rancière’s conception of literature may give rise, e.g. whether emancipation, when characterized by a certain phonocentrism, is limited exclusively to human subjects, or whether it may surpass the realm of the human.

doi: 10.46957/con.2019.1.5

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